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Do not Fear to Fired by DPP PPP, Haji Lulung: Many Political Party Invitedme

MuslimsPost.Com |  Abraham Lunggana or commonly known as Haji Lulungas a Chairman of DPW PPP Jakarta did not know that he had been dismissed by the Chairman of the DPP PPP, DjanFaridz.

"I don’t know, I haven’t heard about it. I don’t know if there is a the dismissaldecision," Lulung said when he contacted by reporters on Monday (13/3)

However, he would not bother if the meeting has decided to firedhim.

Haji Lulung claimed that he fearless and everything would be fine, because he thought there is no problem.

"Yes, many other parties invite me to join," the City Council's Legislatorsaid.

From the information, DjanFaridz will discuss about the fate of Lulung membership in the PPP this afternoon.

Lulunghas been violating the party's decision to Support Anies-Sandi, whereas PPP has been supporting Ahok-Djarot in second round Jakarta Election 2017 previously.

Editor : Rendy Septian

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