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Gay Couples Whipped, Covered Many of Foreign Media

MuslimsPost.Com  | Two gay men who were punished by a whip in the yard of the Syuhada Mosque, Lamgugob, Banda Aceh yesterday (23/5).

Thousands of people crowded to watch MH and MT whipped 83 times closely.

The Sharia Court of Banda Aceh sentenced them 85 whips after cut by a mass of 2 months prisoners before. MT got the first turn to serve an execution.

Yusnardi as the Chief of civil service police unit and WH Banda Aceh said the liwat or homosexual couple was arrested three months ago. The gay couple proved to be violating Qanun Jinayat so they were punished by a whip.

"The whipping punishment are performed regularly but for liwat itself it is the first. they violate from Qanun Jinayat and the evidence is enough"said Yusnardi.

The large number of penalties makes him provide five executioners in turn.

Besides that also executed four other ikhtilat pairs they are SI (24) and WY (27) who punish 25 times cut by a mass of detention, then become 22 times.

The tight guard from the police, Indonesian National Armed Forces, Civil Service Police Unit and Sharia Police of Banda Aceh made the whipping process ran orderly and it led by the Head of Banda Aceh Police Resort directly.

The execution of homosexual in Aceh attracted international attention. Dozens of foreign journalists from a number of countries were seen in the grounds of the Syuhada Mosque, Lamgugob, Banda Aceh, the place where two gay men were punished.

Editor: Rendi Septian

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