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Habib Rizieq and Resistance Symbols

There is a defensive or survive and offensive or attack In battle.

It is about two months ago Muslim in Indonesia has launched an offensive  attack. The departure of Habib Rizieq to Arabia was signaling the beginning of the defensive phase, the Ummah could be stretched first. Take a deep breath, padlock all the gaps, then let the situation and conditions determine the next step.

In every battle anyway, there is such a symbols’ struggle. If long time ago there were flags, Castle, Royal Palace, etc as a symbols. In the case of Jakarta Especially the symbol are Ahok and Habib Rizieq. Their symbol (Ahok) has been uprooted yesterday AlhamdulIllah. Our job is easier. We "just" prevent them to raise.It will be a problem if we just stay in a comfortable zone.

Their counter attack started this week but  do not too significant anyway, Just burn the candles, or the best is in Minahasa who made a joke by threaten to walk out from Indonesia. But we never know what will happen in the future?

Noisy ...

The noisy minority still give their resistance from ballooning and some made cone-shaped yellow rice . A bit funny indeed but do not underestimate. Just look at their potential and calculations.

we have to find out who is their mastermind, the real motivator, also about which pieces  they will make a sacrifice, etc. Our anticipation is more easier if we succeed to find it inshaAllah.

He and his FPI ever differed with me related to Front Al-Buthy  and Anies. But yet the common enemy finally unites us , even just a moment, on a particular case.

What I want to express here that Habib is still our movement main symbol. The others have not been able to take over. Some have shown the capacity but still not as quite as Habib.

So Habib being the opponent's automatic attacks. Perhaps there will be a strategy of preying from the edge, the weakest prey first, and bring into conflict. But if as long as has not been caught, his spirit will never die, the movement will continue InshaAllah.

Stay alert of opponent’s strategy. We do not always have to agree with Habib Rizieq. But our differences opinion do not make our struggle become weak.

By: Fathi Nasrullah
Editor : Rendi Septian

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