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I heard Unintentionally the gossip of Ahok’s supporters that they believe that Habib Rizieq Syihab has a forbidden relationship with Firza Husein.

It caused by “twopenny-TV” impressions which showed the bad news repeatedly. Accompanied by his dislike opinion, prejudices, hatred, short-logic, lack of knowledge so that their perceptions are damaged and their brains are bad.

The public never know who is/are the “mastermind” behind this polemic. This is a character assassination. HRS has become their target.

Suddenly, the name of Firza Husein became popular. His name included to the top world 10 presumed treason. unbelievable. How Terrible is. This is a weird.

Firza Husein never entered the circle as long as I have been active in the political movement since 97 . Moreover she enters the first ring activists like Ratna Sarumpaet, Sri Bintang Pamungkas, Eggy Sujana and others. Firza Husein is being forced parallel to Mr Kivlan Zein suddenly, How Great !

Firza Husein could be an infiltrator. An agent who was infiltrated intentionally. Her desk job  launch "An Offensive Counterespionage". The target of this technique to kill a VIP's character. Make him persona non grata. The worlds intelligence often use women clandestine agents.

The history has been recorded the names of phenomenal female agents Like: Mata Hari (Margaretha Zelle), Noor Inayat Khan, Ethel Rosenberg, Nancy Wake, Chevalier d'Éon and so on.

Woman is the weakest point of a man. Millions of love songs come from the woman inspiration. Lord Buddha is not a misogyny, but he once said, "in whatever religion women are ordained, that religion will not last long."

HRS is a goof kind scholar. He will be crushed when stumbling over a nasty scandal. That's the rationale of enemy (do not know who). I am absolutely never believe if HRS have a relationship with Firza Husein. This case is ridiculous, cheap, obvious slander. Umi Emma states that he never chatted with Firza. Not as like the one-side Firza’s WA chat recording. It is definitely a fake. A number of IT experts dare to prove it. The style of HRS’ speech is not like that. It is not him.

Whatever the motives, this polemic should be stopped. HRS was being oppressed. The police must do act.

Habib Rizieq Syihab is not only owned by FPI now. Whatever your organizations, sects, isms someone who feel an important role of HRS in the struggle to maintain the faith, attack on HRS will be perceived as attack on Muslims over the world, Indonesia especially.

By Zeng Wei Jian


Editor : Rendi Septian

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