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Islam Glorify Women Strongly

The Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him). Made four lines then said: "Do you know what this means?" They said : "Only Allah and His Messenger know." Prophet PBUH. Then said: "the best women of paradise are Khadija the daughter of Khuwailid, Fatima the daughter of Muhammad, Maryam the daughter of 'Imron, and Asiyah the daughter of Mazahi." (Mustadrak ash-Shahihain 2: 497)

He said in other redaction: "Fear Allah concerning women." (Muslim)

Hadith above being a sign that Islam glorifies women and places them in a respectable position. We know that the woman is a weak and often be a victim of crimes.

Sexual abuse often whacks a women. But we also often made weird with the attitude of women today. In the name of emancipation woman are even making an opportunity to be abused. Because they want have double role and compete with man, ultimately they themselves are overstretched by the onslaught of sexual harassment that clearly jeopardizes the sanctity and honor of themselves.

In capitalist, women have been used as traded commodities. They are used as a cheap labor and exploited to sell goods. And this has taken many victims and degraded the dignity of women who in Islam are highly respected. Emancipation should be women liberator from enslavement and man domination, but unfortunately it makes more chaotic.

Islam strongly respects the honor and sanctity of women. Evidently, once a Muslim woman in the Amuria city -located between Iraq and Sham-shouted for help because her honor was tainted by a Roman ruler. Her shout was "heard" by Khalifah Mu'tashim, the leader of the Muslims at the time. Then he mobilized his soldiers immediately to reply the abuse. And not only the Roman official, but the Roman Empire was attacked. How great the Muslims army then described, their "army head" already in Amuria while the "tail" ended in Baghdad, because many of soldiers want to fight. Fantastic! And finally 30,000 soldiers enemy were killed and 30,000 others became prisoners.

Nowadays the condition is very different not only the system itself does not support to glorify woman but also woman herself often give man a chance to dirty her sanctity and undermine her honor. The main factor of sexual harassment is they (woman) free themselves to stripped by man’s eyes.

We can take a wisdom from the woman Islamic treatment. A lot of woman work at home. It does not mean Islam isolates and demeans women but glorifies them instead. Working outdoors does not mean it should not be. It is not prohibited if women works  according to her nature and does not endanger the sanctity and honor of herself. However, if her works then demands a big role to forget her obligations in household, of course it is not justified.

Thus, just by reflecting on Islam everything will be right and muslimah can imitate the privileged women in the hadith above. And of course only with being Islam as a Highest-Law System, aqidah and sharia the world will be better and will be the best solution of each problems.


(O. Solihin)

Editor : Rendi Septian

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