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King Salman will be in The Masjid Istiqlal during 30 minutes

MuslimsPost.Com |  Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud as The King of Saudi Arabia planned to visit Masjid Istiqlal about 30 minutes in his state visit for three days in Jakarta.

This information delivered by Abu Hurairah Abdul Salam as the head of the Masjid Istiqlal protocol. According to him, based on the information, King Salman will visit Masjid Istiqlal on Thursday, 2nd march after his visit to DPR/MPR building in Senayan.

“According to protocol, King Salman and his committee will visit on Thursday 2nd march to take Shalat Dzuhur about 13.45 PM and will write a message after his visit to Masjid Istiqlal about 30 minutes” Abu said at Masjid Istiqlal, The Center of Jakarta, today.

He also said that King Salman will enter Masjid Istiqlal through VVIP Al Malik door that usually used by the President and his guests state.

“King Salman will come into Masjid Istiqlal area from Al Malik entry door and use lift to the 1st floor. Then, the committees enter to the shaff from VVIP door” he explained.

Relating to the toilet facilities and special fragrance, all of the equipment will be done tomorrow.

“All the preparation has been done since yesterday, coz’ the visit is so briefly. But about toilet facilities and special fragrance will prepare tomorrow by the protocol. Another technical and special request had been coordinated both The Saudi Kingdom and The State Protocol” Abu said.

Editor : Rendy Septian

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