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The Trump's Immigration Policy Unaffected Indonesian Students in US

MuslimsPost.Com |  Ambassador of the United States (US) for Indonesia, Joseph R. Donovan jr ensure that the immigration policy made by President Donald Trump does not affect to Indonesian students both of which will be or are already in the US.

"Regarding to the executive order which is suspended by Supreme Court at present, I make sure it does not affect the Indonesian students who are studying in the US," Donovan told reporters today.

He also reiterated the executive order was not associated with Islam.

Donovan said, there are more than 40 Muslim-majority countries, including Indonesia, which is not included in the Trump's executive orders .

The US senior diplomat then asked for Indonesian students to consider the US as one of their own learning. According to him, Indonesian youth who studied in the US will get, not only science, but also an unique experience.

"As for Indonesian students who will study in the US, each student will get a unique experience. I've asked many Indonesian students who returned from the US, their friend (Indonesian Student) will be fine, as the students who are already studying in the US, "he said.

Editor: Rendy Septian

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