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The Trump’s Effect: Rupiah and Yuan weakened

MuslimsPost.Com | Since Donald Trump became the US President officially, the US dollar (USD) exchange value against the currencies of other countries in the world was strengthening.

One of them occurred in Indonesia. Today, the Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) was close depreciated to 13, 337 per USD, after earlier rose at Rp 13,332 per USD, on Wednesday (7/2).

Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus D. W. Martowardojo stated that the world is facing uncertainty. Especially related to the fiscal policies and the world’ fears about Trump’s policy that tends to protectionist against global trade.

"It is not only the Rupiah, but also the weakening almost 7 percent of Yuan last year that impact to the other countries," Agus said.

In our country, he predicted that world oil prices will be affected to Rupiah. The world oil price forecast was slump from USD 42 per barrel to USD 47. It became a reason why and how the government decide a policy of fuel price in Indonesia.

It was affected to the inflation in January 2017. On estimated 0.64 percent that it became 0.97 percent realized.

"However, the world economy potential grew up 3.4 percent, from our estimate of 3.2 percent. This will affect the exchange rate as well," he continued.

Mandiri Bank Economist Chief Anton Gunawan, the strengthened of the dollar didn’t only occur in the Rupiah and Yuan, but also Yen.

Editor: Rendi Septian

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