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TNI Commander: Migration is the Most Dangerous Threat

MuslimsPost.Com  | Gatot Nurmantyo as the Commander of Indonesian National Army Forced (TNI) reiterated the real threat from the poem contents which he read in the Golkar National Leader Meeting (Rapimnas), the threat he mean is the population migration that has occurred in some many countries.

"I remind you that the most dangerous threat is migration, migration isn’t refuge," Gatot told reporters at the Ministry of Home Affairs office, Kalibata, South Jakarta.

He mentioned, the spreading of human beings has no boundaries. Human being will always consciously look for a better place and more promising.

"The competition among humans has increased now, human beings has no boundaries and always look for more promising place, better life, then it called salary theory," Gatot said.

Gatot predicted by the year of 2050, as many as 480 million people will be displaced to various regions. One of the reason is because of global warming. The year of 2050 is too far, there will 60 million people displaced from sub-sahara (Africa) in 2020.

"So if we careless, we can be marginalized," Gatot said as he mentioned that human being has no boundaries, they will seek a better place, Lewis theory.

He said migration occurs because of human needs for food, water, medicine, industry, energy and other natural resources.

"One of the impact of migration is marginalization of the existence of the native region." Gatot said further .

He pointed out, the migration made the existence of Indian tribes in the US and the Aborigine tribes in Europe almost extinct. And how about Indonesia ? Indonesia is a beautiful country with abundant potential natural resource.

He predicted, Indonesia will be the destination country of the world population migration.

"If we careless we can be marginalized, for example, the native of Jakarta, Betawi tribes is on the outskirts of Jakarta," he added.

Editor : Rendi Septian

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