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Aa Gym : All Law Enforcement Must Evaluate Their Performance

MuslimsPost.Com  | Abdullah Gymnastiar as the leader of the ponpes Daarut Tauhid called on all society levels to refrain from things that cause division.

"All the elements of society starting from family level should give peace to all members, then we must refrain, we should do it absolutely now. All parties must refrain and have a responsible awareness for the nation salvation", Aa Gym said after delivered a lecture at Bukber Events with Army Soldiers, in MABESAD, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/6).

He also invited all community to contemplate the fate of our country.

"It should be a blessing if all the community are thinking a lot, what to do with the country as a result of our predecessors exertion." Be patient, "he said.

Aa Gym also highlight the rampant cases of intimidation that occurred nowadays. According to him, this nation should not inherit the split to the next generation.

"What we are going to inherit for our next generation? There is no pride if we as parents are only inherited the divisions," he said.

This Bandung religious figure also revealed that Indonesia had many problems. Do not let this case just add the problem.

He also asked law enforcement to evaluate their performance.

Source: Antara
Editor : Rendi Septian

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