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FPI : Habib Rizieq is Fine and Feel Glad in Yaman

MuslimsPost.Com |  The high priest of Islamic Defender Front (FPI), Habib Rizieq Shihab be grateful to hear the meeting between the seven delegation of GNPF MUI with President Joko Widodo that held recently in Merdeka Palace, Jakarta.

It as delivered by the chairman of Islamic Defender Front (FPI), KH Ahmad Sobari Lubis in his press conference in AQL Islamic Center, Tebet, Jakarta, yesterday.

"Habib expressed his gratitude because the meeting that held in Merdeka Palace run as his expectation in the beginning, since 411 act long time ago," he explained.

Sobri expressed Habib has been noticed the dialogue between GNPF MUI and the Government must being the best way to solve the problem.

"The important message from Habib is if there is a way and possibly to solve the problem with dialogue to get the peace, why not ?," he said.

About the condition of Habib, Sobri said that he is fine and happy in Yaman.

"He also always observe the progress in Indonesia. GNPF MUI always stay connect with Habib Rizieq," he said.

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