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Habib Rizieq: The Muslim Cyber ​​Army is a God’s Gift

MuslimsPost.Com | Habib Rizieq extends Award & Thanks to the Muslim Cyber ​​ Army (MCA) Warriors from the Holy Land.

Here's Habib Rizieq's Message & Award for Muslim Cyber ​​ Army that delivered by audio recording:

"Alhamdulillah ... my family here in the Holy Land feel so glad because of gathering Islamic the best fighters of Muslim Cyber ​​Army. Jazakumullahu khairol jaza ... may Allah SWT give the best rewards to the Muslim Cyber ​​ Army who have been fighting for God, defending the Prophet, defending Islam and defending the Ulama."

"On this occasion I would like to express my high appreciation to the Muslim Cyber ​​Army wherever they are for their services, their contribution in the struggle to uphold Islam in Indonesia."

"Alhamdulillah with Allah SWT’s permission and help, with the cohesiveness and unity Muslim Cyber​​ Army has been dismantle all forms of slander enemies of Islam successfully, and also has managed to expose the lies of enemies of Islam. now they (the enemies of Islam ) overwhelmed and fear."

"Therefore to all the Muslims Cyber ​​Army do not stop, keep embracing the truth, fighting all their slander with the truth, oppose all their lies with the truth, fight the bathil with the Haq, insha Allah ... God will give us the victory. As our God said ...

And say: "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed". Indeed is falsehood [ by nature] ever bound to depart (al-Isra: 81).

"Muslim Cyber ​​Army is a God's gift, they are formed by Allah's permission, without registration, recruitment, office, and without salary ... They only hope Allah’s blessings...."

Editor : Rendi Septian

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