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Muhammadiyah condemns terror acts in Britain

MuslimsPost.Com  | The Muhammadiyah Central Executive condemned a series of terrorist acts that hit Britain, amid preparations for the country ahead of the June 8 general election.

Sporadict attacks occurred at London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday (3/6), as well as the suicide bombing tragedy in Manchester, England 12 days earlier (Monday, 22/5).

The series of terror attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market took seven casualties and left 48 people injured. While suicide bombingsin Manchester killed 22 people and 50 people were injured.

"All Muhammadiyah people sympathize and grieve over this terror and support the British government to investigate this attack," Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Prof. Bahtiar Effendy said in a written statement, Tuesday (6/6).

He affirmed the terror attack to an innocent society and in the name of a religion, inconsistent with religious values.

"The PP Muhammadiyah encourages all parties to jointly tackle acts of terrorism that have seriously damaged humanitarian and religious values and should be based on respect for human rights and the rule of law," he said.

Editor : Rendi Septian

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