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Nasyiatul Aisyiah Condemn the Medan Terror Act

MuslimsPost.Com | The Chairman of PP Nasyiatul Aisyiah, Dyah Puspitarini condemned the terror act towards the North Sumatera Police office that conciding with celebration Ied Fitri 1438 H yesterday. That despicable act has already tarnished Islam as a great and peace religion.

"In the name of me and organization, The Nasyiatul Aisyiah condemned the terror act in the North Sumatera Police office. It caused people's commotion and anxiety, especially Moslem that was being celebrated Ied Fitri 1438 H," Dyah said in her written official statement today.

She also delivered her condolences towards the victims of the deceased consisting of one police officer and several injuries. The organization that auspices of Muhammadiyah supported the Police to crcak down the preparators firmly.

"On behalf of humanity this act couldn't be justified. Called on all society, especially Islamic Mass Organization to keep on guard against the emergence of ISIS. Because it is contradiction of Pancasila and harm to grow and develop in Indonesia," Dyah said.

Editor : Rendi Septian

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