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Supporting Aa Gym to advance in West Java governor election. This is our Call Center number

MuslimsPost.Com  | KH Abdullah Gymnastiar is the famous cleric known as Aa Gym responded to the attitude of various parties that pushed him forward in the West Java Governor Elections 2018.

The Leader of Daarut Tauhiid (DT) Boarding school is admitted still doing istikhara pray begged Allah guidance to be given the best for all.

"This was an extraordinary trust, which must be accounted for by the world until the hereafter, Aa still istikhara asks Allah guidance to be given the best for all of us," he said in a written statement received by the editor, Monday (12/06/2017) .

Aa Gym invites various elements that have made up their mind and are eager to work together to build West Java and give their best as volunteers. To register as a Volunteer Aa Gym to advance on West Java Governor Election 2018.

"Congratulations joining to send SMS to number 0823-2078-6868 contains JABAR # Name # City / District # Sub- District # Hopefully our first step is blessed by Allah SWT. Let's straighten the intention then finish our effort." he said.       

Aa Gym asserted, the election of regional head is not about win and lose. He hopes the election of regional heads event being of politics that emphasizes akhlakul karimah. "Keep istkhara, may our effort will bring the great benefit to our loved West Java," he concluded.

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