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The Cinta Qur’an Center ready to educate ten thousand Da’i

MuslimsPost.Com  | Indonesia is known as religious state with Islam as the majority religion of population moreover the most in the world.

Indonesia has a large territory with one thousand islands, no wonder if there is lack of Da’i or preacher those who can reach the corners of the country.

“Ironically, the most serious problem faced by Moslem in Indonesia is not equally distributed Islamic Da'wah throughout the archipelago” The Board Coach of Cinta Qur’an Foundation, Ust Karim Fatih said on Sunday (11/6).

There are many of areas in our country that have not been touched by Da’wah yet. Both in urban areas or rural areas. The reason is unfulfilled da’i who ready to preach in a various fields.

“It became the most dominant factor radicalism and other ism easy to spread in the society,” he continued

So, in Ramadhan Mubarak moment he is going to establish ‘ The Institute of Da’i and Tahfidz Cinta Qur’an Center’ the first stone lying and soft launching was conducted by H. Wahidin Alim as the elected governor of Banten and Ust Fatih Karim as The Board Coach of Cinta Qur’an Foundation.

“Its about one thousand Da’i will be distributed to all Indonesia archipelago. And for the first step, its about four hundred student and Da’i will unite and give Islamic educational Qur’an here” he added.

Cinta Qur’an Center will stand on 5 thousand square meters (m2) wakaf area located in Bintaro, South Tanggerang. Except boarding school there will stand three-story buildings equipped with digital libraries, multipurpose room, the Qur’an commentary and contemporary Islamic studies center. It will be finished in the next Ramdhan.

Each student (Dai) will take one half year study. They are educated to memorize Qur’an, mastering Arabic language, Islamic Sciences, modern management and communication da’wah and the last is the basic of entrepreneurship.

“All of student who take study here will be free from the fees and also they will get all facilities they need” Ustadz Karim Fatih continued

The Cinta Qur’an Center ready to accommodate the sons and daughters of Moslem from Sabang to Merauke. After they finished, they will returned to their respective areas to educate Ummat and to reverberate “Indonesian One Heart Love Qur’an”

Fatih karim realizes that his ideals is so big and not easy. So, he asks Moslem’s pray and supports.

Editor : Rendi Septian

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