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The Indonesia police watch suggest the police apologize to Habib Rizieq

MuslimsPost.Com | The Indonesian Police stated repeatedly will bring home an alleged pornographic content suspect, Habib Rizieq Shihab, to Indonesia. However, there has been no real step from the police to bring the frontman of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) which stayed in the Saudi Arabia now.

According to the Presidium Chairman of Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) Neta S Pane, the Police have difficulty to bring home Rizieq to Indonesia. Therefore, he suggested the police ask for forgiveness and reconciliation with Habib Rizieq to relieve the tension.

"If I were asked what should be done by the police in this case, the answer is Polda Metro Jaya should do the introspection, asking for forgiveness and reconciliation with Rizieq," Neta said in a short message to the CNNIndonesia (15/6).

Neta explained why the police is so difficult to bring Habib Rizieq to Indonesia because the Rizieq's pornographic content case is wierd.
"Rizieq was suspected in the pornography case that circulating on Social Media, but who's spread first is not clear," he said.

According to Neta, if we follow the police's thought, Habib Rizieq must be the victim and the police should hunt down the disseminator as the suspect. "But why Rizieq being as a suspect. Isn't this a weird case that loaded with criminalization," he said.

Neta continued, Polda Metro Jaya should feel ashamed for doing criminalization of Habib Rizieq with alleged pornographic content case. Moreover, the interrogation of other suspect, Firza Hussein, was rejected by judiciary.

in addition, interpol also rejected the Indonesian Police red notice against Rizieq which shows that this case is just a mock, " he said.
if is considered the case of mock, the other countries who cling to the law and justice will strive to protect Habib Rizieq from the criminalization and treated arbitrarily.

"This a reason why the Indonesian Police so difficult to bring home Rizieq." He said.

Polda Metro Jaya should have introspection and then a reconciliation, Neta confirmed.

"There is a very valuable lessons from the Rizieq's case. Then the Police must do introspection so that the tension that occurred in Jakarta can be eased," he concluded.

Editor : Rendi septian

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