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The Meeting between GNPF MUI and Jokowi will be blessing if Criminalization towards Ulama are stopped

MuslimsPost.Com | Hidayat Nur Wahid as vice chairman of MPR appreciated the meeting between GNPF MUI and President Joko Widodo that held in Merdeka Palace coincided with Ied moment and Halal Bil Halal.

Hidayat hoped the meeting was presented the new passion and estranged from unknown parties from provocation that rammed the government and Moslem , or among TNI-Police with Ummat.

"I appreciate the meeting between GNPF MUI and President Jokowi principally yesterday," Hidayat said in his H+1 Ied open house event in the house in Kemang, South Jakarta, Monday (26/6).

Hidayat held an open house event adressed to public figures, delegation of neighbour companion state and society.
Hidayat expressed that GNPF MUI planned to meet President Jokowi in a long time ago.

Even, since Islamic Deffender Action on 4 November 2016 or 411 there has been a desire to meet Mr. President.
"Alhamdulillah, in the Ied Mubarak situation  and halal bi halal moment there has been meeting between GNPF MUI with President Jokowi," he said.

According to Hidayat, the GNPF MUI and President Jokowi meeting event could express a passion and 'new page' to avoid the impact.

"Do not mutually attacked because if it happen it will damage a state, TNI-Police, nation and Moslem. And the anti-NKRI, anti-Pancasila, and someone who hopes Indonesia being weak and restless will be benefite. Even, they are someone who anti-religion," he said.

He also hoped the meeting will be continue with the real act from government to stop criminalization towards ulama and activist. Especially for they (ulama and activist)  who suspected of treason and ask for free soon from the jail.

"So I wish that the meeting will bring the blessing for us with stopped the criminalization, slander, and the acts of slander than the legal fact, and they are jailed to be free soon," he hoped.

Editor : Rendi Septian

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