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The uproar of noodle contains pork, Fahira Idris : the Korean manufacture could be jailed

MuslimsPost.Com | According to the law 88/1999 about consumer protection, the distribution of the noodle contains ham from Korea that did not include pork warning ini its label broke the determinate the law article no 8 about the consumer protection , the producers forbiden to produce and or market goods and service that does not fulfill or does not appropriate with required standard and the law certainty.

The vice chairman of commision III of the leadership of political party at regional level (DPD RI) Fahira Idris said that the violation of that rule could be 5 years jailed or 2 billion rupiahs fine.

"The product does not match with requested standard by the law of food and the law of Halal product guarantee. Thus, the penalties are not only fine administration, production banned, withdrawal from circulation, indemnity, or just revocation of license." Fahira said in Jakarta, Monday (19/6 ).

Fahira explained that according to the law of food, everyone who imported the food to be market have to show the label in each product in order to give the right and clear information to the customer before the customer buy the goods. While, the pork in our guarantee food law belong to the forbiden animal.

"If the products contains pork then in accordance with the provisions of the law, they must provide the description on the written, printed, or showed clearly label that easy to undestand, but it didn't happen. I hope BPOM and the Police coordinate and examine this violation case. And being careful customer, if there's a doubt, its better canceled." The Jakarta senator said firmly.

The Drug and Food Control Agency (BPOM) declared officially four the Korean noodles contains pork positively and command the chairman of BPOM to withdrawal from circulation start from Thursday (15/6). He also asked the importer to withdrawal from circulation their product because did not attach the pork warning in their products.

Editor : Rendi septian

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