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5 Quick Beauty Tricks for Tired Moms

You swaddle like a pro, and you’ve successfully made it through the teething phase. But there are so many other details that all of the parenting books (and your well-meaning, albeit overbearing, mom) left out. Like how are you supposed to look presentable (or you know, less dead) in the few spare minutes you have each morning? We tapped Jenny Patinkin—pro makeup artist, mother of three and author of Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying—for her best tips.

Be Generous with Your Concealer
Stick to creamy formulas and don’t just apply it underneath your eyes. Tap some onto your lids, around the nose, forehead and chin. When you apply concealer down the center of your face like this, it makes it look like you are wearing foundation everywhere, says Patinkin.

Bring Your Blush Up

Again, skip the powders and use a cream blush. (It blends easier and is more forgiving.) Apply the color high up on the apples of your cheeks, so it lifts and wakes up your entire face. You can also pop some onto your lips and eyelids to get a very pulled together, monochromatic look.

Use Balm Everywhere

A dab under the eyes softens fine lines, while a pat along the tops of your cheeks gives you a dewy pop. You can also use a trusty balm to soften lips, smooth rough cuticles, tame flyaways and keep your eyebrows under control. It’ll be your makeup bag’s new MVP.

Highlight Your Eyes

Don’t have time for a full-on smoky eye? Skip the shadows altogether and apply a pearly highlighter right in center of your upper lids instead. Every time you blink the pigments will catch light and make the entire area appear more awake.

Curl Your Lashes

A good lash curler does two things: It allows for more light to get to your eyes so they look bigger and brighter, and it creates a fluttery veil over puffy eyelids so that they aren't as obvious. Got 15 extra seconds? Heat it with your hair dryer.

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