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Al-Aqsa defends Rp 186 million

Money amounting to Rp 186 million, a number of valuables and foreign exchange successfully collected to donate to Palestine in a solidarity action of defending Al Aqsa held at the Al Azhar Mosque Square Jakarta, Friday (21/07/2017). 
Deputy Chairman of the Al Aqsa Defense Action Committee, Salman Al Farisi, as quoted by Republika, said Indonesian Muslims who want to donate can still do so to various institutions incorporated in the Aliance of Indonesia Defending Al Aqsa (AIMMA). He explained, donation raising is divided into three stages. The first stage of Friday prayers at Al Azhar Mosque, collected Rp 60 million. The amount increased to Rp 120 million in stage two when solidarity action took place.

In stage three, the donation to Rp 162 million and in stage four after the donation of Asr prayer collected reached Rp 186 million plus 205 Saudi rials, US $ 1.156, 30 Qatar rials, 15 Turkish lira, seven watches, two cell phones, five rings, A pair of earrings, and a modem.

"Muslims donate what they have. No need to wait for the rich to do something for the Palestinians, "Salman said after the Al-Aqsa Martial Law Solidarity at the Al Azhar Mosque Square on Friday (21/7).

Donation of donations to Al Aqsa after the recent conflict at Al Aqsa Mosque Complex by the Indonesian Alliance Defending Al Aqsa Mosque is the first time. If the condition of Aqsa remains like this, the donation raising process can go further.

The distribution itself will be done to Palestine through partner NGOs in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey. "Because going there is not easy though possible and Rp 186 million is small," said Salman. (Photo: Sindo)

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