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Al-Aqsa smoldering, three Palestinians died in a Israel army attack

At least three Palestinians have been killed, according to local media reports, and hundreds more injured amid mass demonstrations against security measures by Zionist authorities imposed on the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex.

In the first incident, an illegal Jewish extremist settler killed an 18-year-old Palestinian teenager in Ras Al-amud neighborhood in occupied east Jerusalem, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported.

The death of Muhammad Mahmoud Sahraf has been confirmed by the security of "Israel" and the Palestinian Red Crescent.

The second Palestinian is also confirmed to have been killed by a live fire during a demonstration held by Friday prayers, hospital officials said in Jerusalem, told AP news agency.

The Palestinian Authority also reported that the three victims were killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the West Bank.

The two deaths were identified as Muhammad Mahmoud Khalaf and Muhammad Hasan Abu Ghanam.

Zionist police also fired live ammunition, tear gas and rubber bullets at Palestinians protesting "Israel" action against Al-Aqsa, including restrictions on entering Al-Aqsa Mosque for Muslim men under 50 years old and mounting metal detectors .

In one incident, a Zionist soldier carrying a firearm, kicked an unarmed congregation while he was performing his prayers.

The protests came a week after deadly gunfire in occupied east Jerusalem triggered tension.

The rally began after Friday prayers lasting about half a day.

At the end of the Isha prayer, clashes erupted again with Zionist forces firing on stun grenades towards the crowd, Al Jazeera reported. (Foto: AFP/Dea)

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