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Baby It hurts Cirrhosis, Are You Willing to help?

The unfortunate fate of Davino Rasyid Andriansyah (18 months). The couple's son Andri Susanto (33) -Siti Zulaikah (31) was convicted by a doctor suffering from cirrhosis that is a condition that makes the liver can not function normally.

This cirrhosis disease makes Vino, his nickname everyday, very thin, petite and weak and the color of the eyes turned yellow. According to doctors, Vino should diligently bask in the morning and given the intake of vegetables in order to heal.

Residents of Hamlet Kledok RT 02 / RW 11, Bondowoso Village, District Mertoyudan, Magelang regency was rushed to Tidar Hospital Magelang then referred to RSUP Sardjito Yogyakarta because the condition tends to deteriorate. In RSUP Sardjito finally known if Vino positive cirrhosis. Doctors say if Vino can only be cured through a liver transplant at a cost of Rp 1.3 billion.

Siti Zulaikah admitted difficulty paying medical expenses because BPJS Health can only disbursed Rp 300 million. "We can not afford the cost of a liver transplant. My husband was just a sand truck driver while I was unemployed at home, "said Siti, who once worked as a housekeeper.

Vino condition continues to deteriorate because it does not also undergo a liver transplant. The little baby is often suffered from respiratory problems so Friday (14/7) and then again referred to RSUP Sardjito. Vino was allowed to go home on Tuesday (18/7) although his breath was still wheezing.

For the sake of healing, doctors recommend Vino given a special formula milk intake costing Rp 260 thousand per can of size 400 grams. "The price of milk is expensive, and even then only enough for one week. We have to work hard and save money to buy milk. "

Siti admitted a little relief after doctors allow Vino control at RSU Muntilan with BPJS borne costs. Mentioned Vino's body growth looks normal in the first six months. But after a year of growth slowed and now after 18 months of age only 6 kg.

Siti hopes there are donors and volunteers who are willing to help support the operation of Vino.

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