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Baby Without Anus Finally Died

The team of RSUD Buleleng doctors failed to handle infants with congenital abnormalities without anus holes from Klandis Hamlet, Pakisan Village, Kubutambahan Subdistrict. After undergoing surgery to create temporary anal canal and intensive care at ICCU RSUD, baby couple (Pasutri) Kadek Kertiyasa (20) and Made Tami Putriani (20) were declared dead on Saturday (22/7) at around 00.30.

Director of (Dirut) RSUD Buleleng dr. Gede Wiartana, M.Kes. Said the team of doctors who handle has done the best to deal with the disorder experienced by the poor baby. After the operation of the anal canal while through the stomach, the baby's condition is still stable.

Only on Thursday (20/7), his condition had dropped, at that time his blood sugar dropped to below the normal ie 38 percent. The decrease in blood sugar was successfully handled by the team doctor, hinga his blood sugar back to normal position.

However, the condition re-repeated, blood sugar back down. The team of doctors again made efforts with the hope of blood sugar can be raised.

Unfortunately, the baby does not seem able to fight to get healed, so that his condition continues to grow critical. At around 00.30 pm, the baby is declared dead.

After going through the preparation and administration equipment, the body of the new baby stepped on the age of six days was brought home by the family around 04.00 pm. "Since its birth the condition is very weak. Medical action is in accordance with the SOP, but indeed the condition of the baby is very low risk high if newborns performed surgery, "he said.

According to dr. Wiartana, because the case of this disorder is quite rare, so for the moment his side did not dare to make sure until the baby breathed his last. However, it is suspected that the baby who has been named Ni Kadek Anindita Iswasri died because of failure of many organ functions or known by the term Multiple Organ Failure, so that the condition of the baby continues to deteriorate and result in death. "Usually if there is one congenital abnormality, will be followed by other congenital abnormalities in the form of failure of many organs. But we can not be sure and the case will be reviewed by a team of doctors at the hospital, "he explained.

Meanwhile, the baby's grandmother Nyoman Sariani through a short message stated, thanking the hospitals, local government, and mass media who have helped facilitate the treatment of both grandchildren. Sariani states iklas with the departure of his granddaughter. Related to the funeral ceremony, the body of his deceased grandson was yesterday at the local cemetery.

As reported previously, the second son of Kadek Kertiyasa (20) and Wayan Tami Putriani were born with a disorder without anal canal. Mirisnya again, both parents are unfortunate baby poor citizens. The second daughter was born in the local village midwife. The birth distance of her daughter was relatively short of her first boy-type boy who is now only 15 months old.

The delivery proceeds smoothly through a normal birth canal. Post-birth, the baby who was given the name Ni Kadek Ananditia Iswari was suddenly bloated.

While around the baby's vital tool had come out the dirt. The stool was originally thought to come out of the anal canal, but after it was cleaned it did not have an anal opening. Knowing the abnormality, Kertiyasa with his wife Tami and his parents then came to RSUD Buleleng to check the disorder of his son.

After examination, the doctor said the baby did not have an anal opening. Doketr then suggests surgery to be done so the baby can defecate (BAB).

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