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Batik Medan Break MURI Record

Cultural Carnival 'Medan Rumah Kita' initiated by Medan Tourism Department carved out the achievements by breaking the record of Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) in the category of participants by wearing the most Medan Batik. MURI Notes there are as many as 2654 carnival participants wearing batik clothes Medan which is the result of handicrafts of SMEs in the city of Medan.

"The use of Batik Medan in a multi-ethnic carnival initiated by the touch and hard work of Medan Mayor's mother, MURI has verified 2,600 more participants is MURI record," said Jusuf Ngadri as Senior Manager of MURI, while giving speech at the peak show of Multi Ethnic and Carnival Show Culture 'Medan Rumah Kita', at Lapangan Merdeka Medan, Sunday (16/7).

According to him Batik Medan from nothing to exist like today, is inseparable from the masterpiece of the Chairman of TP PKK Medan and Chairman Dekranasda Medan, Hj Rita Maharani. "MURI only hope Pemko Medan willing to work hard to encourage the artists of Medan, dig hasanah better Medan motif and can become a new icon of Medan City," he said.

It also suggested that Pemko Medan open cooperation as wide as possible with all parties including batik craftsmen in the country to develop and ground batik Medan.

This Multiethnic Festival and Cultural Carnival activities in order to enliven the 427th Anniversary of Medan City. More than two thousand six hundred participants followed the carnival wearing Batik Medan, custom clothing, as well as clothing that was very interesting modifications. In addition to preserving the 14 ethnic cultures in the city of Medan, this activity is also held in order to increase as well as promote the visit of tourists both local and foreign as well as entertainment to the entire community who have been supporting the development process in the city of Medan.

Previously, participants who wear batik clothing only targeted 2,500 participants only. It turns out the number of participants who wear batik ideas Hj Rita Maharani, this is much more. Because it exceeds two thousand five hundred, that number successfully entered MURI Record. The award was given directly by MURI to Medan Mayor, Dzulmi Eldin HT accompanied by TP PKK Chairman Medan Hj Rita Maharani, Deputy Mayor Akhyar Nasution and Vice Chairman of TP PKK Nurul Khairani Lubis.

Before carrying out the Cultural Carnival, all participants consisting of SKPD leaders, sub-district heads, village heads, neighborhood heads and the community gathered in front of the historic house, Tjong A Fie on Jalan Ahmad Yani. They wear Batik Medan with various motifs such as Malay Dancers, Tepak Sirih, Maimun Palace, Becak Medan, Great Mosque, Umbrella, Becak Medan, Durian, Kangkung Flower, Eggplant Flower, Butterfly, Sirih Leaf and Rice Flower.

In addition, the participants also wear custom clothes from 14 ethnic groups in the city of Medan as a symbol of diversity, as well as modified clothing. After the release, the Mayor along with the Chairman of TP PKK alongside the Deputy Mayor along with elements of the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum joined the Cultural Parade with elements of the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda) Medan City.

Mayor wore Batik Medan blue with a becak motif Medan, while Hj Rita wearing Malay dance motif and Maimun Palace combined red flowers are also blue. While the mayor's deputy wearing Batik Medan patterned Great Mosque, and his wife wearing motif berbakifkan betel clothing.

Furthermore, they and the elements of Forkopimda and thousands of people walk towards Merdeka Square, crossing the red carpet measuring approximately 2 meters with a length of about 500 meters. This convoy passes the old buildings that fill the left and right sides of Ahmad Yani Street. This parade received a warm welcome hundreds of people, including a number of foreign tourists who stood on the roadside.

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