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Bogor Palace, Bogor Tourism Magnet

Bogor Palace, Bogor Tourism Magnet
Every year in order to anniversary of Bogor City Bogor Presidential Palace opened to the public. The opportunity was well used by the people of Bogor and surrounding areas to visit the Palace is loaded with historical events.

Bagus, Chairman of Cinta Bogor Community, the largest community in Bogor, said that the community he leads 1500 members will participate and visit the Palace together.

"Bogor Palace is one of the tourism magnets in the city of Bogor. Therefore, this Open Palace can be used as one of tourism momentum to bring more tourists present in Bogor city, "said Bagus who is also Chairman of Bogor City Tourism Promotion Board.

Bogor Palace was established during the reign of the former Dutch named Istana Buitenzorg. The palace was once the residence of 37 Governors General of the Dutch East Indies.

The architecture of the Bogor Palace is modeled after Blehheim Palace, the residence of Duke Malborough, near the city of Oxford in England. Gradually, over time the changes were made during the period of Dutch and British Governors General (Herman Willem Daendels and Stamford Raffles).

Now, the Palace is the residence of the President of the 7th Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo.

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