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Borobudur International Festival 2017 Officially Opens

Borobudur International Festival (BIF) 2017, officially opened Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo at Lumbini Page of Borobudur Temple Complex, Friday night (28/07/2017). At BIF this year, enlivened three art attractions representatives from three countries terpangga. Includes China, Japan and India. They will perform during BIF Friday through Sunday (28-30 / 07/2017) tomorrow.

Deputy Tourism Marketing Development Ministry (Kemenpar), Retno Astuti, in his speech representing Tourism Minister Arif Yahya said, BIF has been implemented into the fourth year. But since it was first implemented in 2003, the time is never routine. Where since 2003, just implemented again in 2009 and 2013. "This year entering the fourth year. We hope that BIF will be held regularly and scheduled. Gratitude can be done routinely every year, "he said.

That way, said Retno, it can promote it to a number of countries. "If scheduled routine (want two years or a routine every year), would be easy to promote. For countries that want to participate, can schedule the participation, "he said.

BIF was held, he continued, as one of its goals to achieve the target of 20 million tourists visit to Indonesia in 2019. In Borobudur Temple itself, it is targeted to be visited by 2 million foreign tourists and 4 million domestic tourists. "Without an event it would be difficult to achieve. Therefore, we welcome this BIF. Hopefully next year is held again, "he pleaded.

While Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo welcomed the ministry's hope to hold the BIF regularly. "If supported, of course we will agendakan routine every year. Budget issues, easy. Because events like this can provide space for artists both at home and abroad to be creative. It is not impossible, all the works of SMEs in central java can also be displayed, "he said.

If necessary, said Ganjar, next year can be implemented with a longer time. "Like a long carnival. If realized will certainly provide a creative community space. Packaging is not only traditional but also modern. So it can be a tourist magnet to visit Borobudur and surrounding areas. That way, the target set by the government can be achieved, "he concluded.

At the opening last night, attended by Ambassador of India, Pangdam Diponegoro, Central Java Police Chief, Chairman of Parliament of Central Java and a number of indigenous peoples archipelago, Muspida Magelang regency and others.

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