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Close China Cement Factory, Bolmong Regent Becomes Suspect

The North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi) Police finally appointed Bolaang Mongondouw (Bolmong) Regent Yasti Soepredjo Mokoagow to be a suspect in the case of the destruction of China's cement factory, PT Conch last month.

After the Polda Sulut conducted a case title on Tuesday (25/7) yesterday, Yasti was designated as a suspect.

"We have set a suspect, because based on information from about 13 Satpol PP all say the destruction was on Yasti's order," said Head of Public Relations of Kombes Pola Police Ibrahim Tompo, as quoted by Sindonews, Wednesday (26/7).

The case made by the internal investigator at 09.00 WITA was carried out on the evolution of evidence and assessed enough to establish the former Chairman of the Commission V of the House of Representatives as a suspect.

Yasti is subject to Article 170 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code or Article 170 paragraph (2) of the 1st Criminal Code Article 52 KUHP Jo Article 55.56 of the Criminal Code or Article 406 of the Criminal Code Article 52 of the Criminal Code Article 55.56 of the Criminal Code.

However, Ibrahim admitted he still did not make sure when Yasti would be arrested.

"The legal process is still ongoing but I have not confirmed when Yasti will be arrested," he said.

To be known, Bolaang Mongondow's Regent Yasti Soepredjo was forced to close PT Conch because he did not pocket the permit. Even Chinese companies are also mostly employing Chinese workers who do not pocket a permit.

"The closure of this Chinese cement company is ongoing as long as the company does not take the license to conduct on-site activities," Yasti said on Monday (5/6).

Even then, he pledged to dismantle using heavy equipment on buildings without IMB.

PT Conch operates in the district of Bolaang Mongondow since 2016. However, it does not have one license. Although the Government of Bolmong has repeatedly clarified and wrote on the permit-related companies, government warnings have never been addressed, but they continue to build buildings over hundreds of productive rice fields. (Sp / swamedium.com)

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