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Diploma of Fried Rice Towards 2019

Chairman of DPP Gerindra Party, Prabowo Subianto assess the intelligence of DPP Chairman of the Democratic Party, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono still strong.

Because, in their meeting, SBY knows Prabowo favorite food.

According to Prabowo, the fried rice served by SBY exceeds the fried rice in Hambalang, Bogor, West Java. The residence of Prabowo is located in the hill area of ​​Hambalang.

"I admit this fried rice rival Hambalang fried rice.But extraordinary, his intel Pak SBY is still strong, know the weakness of Pak Prabowo is fried rice, provided fried rice Prabowo Pak agreed," said Prabowo greeted laughter during a press conference at the residence of SBY, Castle Cikeas, Bogor, West Java, Thursday night (27/7).

On a different occasion, Democrat Party Secretary General Hinca Panjaitan explained that the fried rice in the meeting between SBY and Prabowo is a step of party diplomacy, since Prabowo also likes the home-style dish.

According to Hinca, Prabowo's statement regarding the delicious nasi goreng served is the promotion for the other party's chairman to build cooperation in addressing the current developing situation.

"We are building a partnership," said Hinca, "Prabowo's pack of fried rice is good, and does not cover kemungkunan, PAN, PKS also want to taste the fried rice."

Previously, SBY and Prabowo held a meeting at Cikeas to discuss the cooperation between the two parties.

SBY explained that the meeting started from the similar political views in the Election Bill which had been decided in the DPR some time ago.

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