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Dozens of Balinese Artists will enliven the Food Truck Festival event

Today, Food Truck Festival (FTF) 2017 will be opened at Lumintang City Park Parking Park, Denpasar. The event will be enlivened by renowned Balinese artists such as Ayu Saraswati, Dek Ulik, Dewa Sugama, Bayu KW, and Yong Sagita.

Also supported by Indie Bali bands, such as Band Imagination, Baypradana, Adhiksa Band, Vana Band, Putra N 'Friend, Window Eyes, D'Story Band, Rastafara Cetamol, and Peace Band.

No less interesting and excited, the visitors of FTF 2017 will also be rocked by a beautiful singer who is always energetic in every appearance, the 3G Gek Diah.

Unlike his appearance last year, this time the singer from Klungkung will hold the singer as a friend of duetnya on stage FTF.

The song "Crocodile Love" and "Honey" which is a song of his own creation feat. Duo Centil will be the flagship later.

"The pole with Duo Centil is ready to give new colors and shake the visitors at Food Truck Festival event," said Gek Diah 3G, today.

Personally, Gek Diah admitted very happy to be re-involved to entertain the people of Bali in the Food Truck Festival 2017. For, in addition to providing motivation to the business, especially culinary, FTF 2017 has also provided opportunities to the singers, especially indie bands New ones emerging to appear entertaining.

"First for the singer is definitely happy to perform entertaining, as well as with the FTF can be a motivation for culinary entrepreneurs to show the quality and creation of cuisine. For those who like culinary also do not need to find a place far away, because everything is available complete want to try anything can, all watching the entertainment. So, surely everything is profitable, "he said.

No less entertaining, dipenghujung event tonight, visitors will also be served with kekegakan the bondres from Buleleng, MKP Mersi. Because the bondres fronted by Mince, Kribo and Peceh is no doubt his ability to invite the laughter of the audience.

Moreover, since formed in 2007 ago, bondres initiated by Adi Siput (Peceh) has been a lot of achievements in the arena of Balinese royalty. In addition, they also have poor across the show in both the Temple, School, Campus and events in government agencies. "We are ready to re-entertain the people of Bali on stage Food Truck Festival 2017," he said.

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