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How to save Android battery

Often face phone battery runs out when needed? Kaspersky Lab introduced the latest solution for Android device users, Battery Life.

This free app is designed to save Android users from unpleasant situations that are sometimes annoying, ie when the phone's battery starts to weaken. According to a survey, 9 out of 10 users were panicked as their phone batteries weakened.

In many cases, having an unencumbered phone is not just an unpleasant experience, it may even be unsafe. Battery Life is designed entirely to solve this problem.

Kaspersky Lab's solution analyzes all the applications on the user's device and identifies which one consumes the most power. This is especially important, given that 96 percent of apps on Android devices run in the background, even if the user has not yet launched them. Battery Life can stop this "siphon" application with one touch, thus extending the battery life from the device.

"To protect users includes reducing the digital risk to a minimum on all fronts, not just in the cyber-threat field. Battery Life helps users to stay connected. However, it is also important to remember the security of the Internet when online. It is important to consider the privacy protection of the spy, and protect the device from loss or theft, "said Head of Consumer Product Management at Kaspersky Lab, Elena Kharchenko, in a written statement on Thursday

Battery Life will also show users an urgent message if an application starts using more power than usual. Another useful feature of Battery Life is its ability to calculate the time left before the phone's battery actually weakens.

This information gives users the opportunity to quickly find a way to charge their phone, so it is not left without mobile communications when they need it most. Similarly, when charging, Battery Life calculates the time left until the battery is full. Kaspersky Battery Life only takes 15 Mb and runs on the Android platform 4.1 - 6.0.1 in a limited number of language options.

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