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Indonesia will import 70 thousand tons of salt

The salt crisis that hit the country gets serious attention from the central government. Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukito confirmed that he had signed a salt import license. Unmitigated, total reached 75,000 tons. This stock is not only for salt consumption, but the industry needs.

"We have issued permission to import salt. Total 75,000 ton, after recommendation from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), "said the Minister of Trade after inaugurating the freight and free public transportation in Banyuwangi, East Java, Saturday (29/7).

According to Enggar, imported salt is considered necessary to meet national needs. The amount of this import he said only for the early stages. "Later we see the development. While waiting for salt harvest farmers. This import is only for balancing, "he said.

Added, imported salt is not just for consumption. Because, the industry also many who need. Such as glass and paper industry. Special salt consumption, it submits to PT. Salt. "The need for salt is great, especially for the industry," he said.

Imported salt that he said could be imported from any country. The target, the national salt needs can be met. Stock of this imported salt will be evaluated.

"Because of its balancing nature, we will evaluate the stock of this imported salt. Hopefully, quite a lot while waiting for salt farmers harvest, "he concluded.

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