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Jazuli: No Scholars and Students Can Be Accused of Anti-NKRI

The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) will not be a blessing if without God's help. And one of the key to Indonesia's blessings lies in the prayers of santri and ulama in Indonesia.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Parliament, Jazuli Juwaini in a speech Halal Bihalal event all PKW DPS cadres at the Convention Hall Rita Mall Tegal Town, Central Java, Sunday (23/7).

"The founders of this nation, not to make Indonesia a religious state, but to make religion a pillar of the nation and state of Indonesia, religion in Indonesia becomes an important pillar in its development," he said.

Jazuli mentions, santri and ulama in Indonesia, since the time of independence has proven to be the main bastion in bringing independence in Indonesia. So, according to him, Indonesia should be indebted to the struggle of the scholars and santri in Indonsia's independence.

"Nor should we accuse our scholars and santri of being anti-NKRI, because of too much blood and energy released by santri and ulama, from the time of independence to the present," he said.

In the context of nationality, explained Jazuli, religion is the foundation in building nation and state. So, he said again, the spiritual frame taught in religion, especially after the fasting month of Ramadan, should be the foundation of building the nation if not wanting to sink.

"In the past, we were at the House of Representatives concern, some wanted to eliminate the religious column, I assert, there must be a religious column, all religions are listed, this identity, therefore, this spiritual frame should be the foundation and foundation of nation building".

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