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Khofifah: The dangers of drugs are equal to the dangers of terrorism

Drugs can be a humanitarian disaster if not comprehensively denied.

Similarly, said Minister of Social Khofifah Indar Parawansa during a visit to Amuntai, Hulu Sungai Utara District (HSU) South Kalimantan Province, yesterday.

Khofifah considers the dangers of drugs equal to the dangers of terrorism can be even more sinister because the circulation using a more subtle, sophisticated and in a variety of patterns.

"This nation's generation is slowly reduced energy and productivity, eventually becoming addicted and prisoners. They are made addicted and die slowly, die social, soul, body, finally die back to the creator, "said Khofifah, in a press release, Friday (28/07/2017).

Khofifah revealed, the drug itself takes a much larger victim every year and continues to increase. Almost all groups, professions and ages have the potential to enter the drug trap because of its massive mass distribution.

"Recently a new type of drug Flakka has even entered Indonesia. The mark is made like a living corpse. If it is like that you can imagine the fate of Indonesia in the future if the younger generation become drug addicts, "he said.

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