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Muhammadiyah Youth Unbelievers Police on Novel Case

Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Youth, Dahnil US expressed their disbelief at the police in uncovering the attack case Novel Baswedan.

"We encourage the establishment of an independent fact-finding team as we consider the performance of the police force to be serious in handling this case, so we suspect that there will be a drag with the case being handled by Novel," he said on Wednesday (26/7).

Dahnil even suspects the hidden interest of police officers to stop the case, especially when looking at the background of Novel who is also a former member of the police force.

"Comparing the case of the Novel attack with more complicated acts of terrorism can be quickly revealed by them, it clearly shows the hidden interest to stop the case," he said.

Earlier on the same occasion, the Coordinator of Kontras, Haris Azhar revealed if the joint team that had been formed by the Police and the KPK had never contacted Novel to reveal cases of attacks against him.

"We deplore the slow pace of the police in uncovering the case and suspect the mutual hostage of a number of cases handled by Novel by certain groups," he said.

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