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Rina Emilda Hopes Police Unveil Terror Actors

Employees and leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) held a joint prayer for the healing of Novel Baswedan. Yesterday, exactly 100 days of KPK senior investigator was undergoing treatment after the terror of hard water on 11 April.

Novel Baswedan's wife, Rina Emilda participated in the activity. He asked President Joko Widodo and Polri to work hard to reveal the perpetrators of watering hard against her husband. The chemical that befell her husband.

"Want to remind there is a presidential order that has not been implemented to fully disclose the perpetrators of my husband's attack Novel Baswedan," said Rina.

She also asked President Jokowi to give more attention by urging the Police to immediately reveal the perpetrators of terror to Novel.

"The hope of the perpetrator family is immediately revealed," she said.

Nevertheless Rina also thanked President Jokowi and all KPK leaders who have helped finance Novel treatment in Singapore.

"Thank you also to all the people of Indonesia who always send a prayer to us, to my husband for his recovery," she said.

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