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This is a sign we are far from God, Move On !!

Ibnul Qayyim -rohimahulloh- says:

"The chaotic heart is uncertain, no one can fix it unless it confronts the heart to God." [Zadul Ma'ad 2/82].
Sufyan bin Uyainah -rohimahulloh- had previously said:
"The early scholars used to counsel each other with these words:

Whoever improves his inner state, Allah will improve his birth.

Whoever mends his relationship with God, Allah will improve his relationship with man.

Whoever works for the Hereafter, Allah will suffice his worldly life. "
[Book of Ikhlash, by Ibn Abid Dunya].

Often we feel our state is not directed, erratic, irregular, empty, arid, etc ..

If this situation happens to us, remember that it is a sign we are far from God. The solution is very simple actually, it's just all back to us, whether or not to move on.

Get back to God, and focus on worship. If our worship is in order, God will take care of our lives and bless our time. It is highly unlikely that God will bring those who draw near to Him with sincerity and guidance.

Please share .. hopefully useful ..

(Musyaffa 'Ad Dariny MA)

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