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This Prayer for Our Children to diligent Salat

How to make children pray with their own consciousness without being told to be angry? A friend once told me:

I told you one story that happened to me. My 16-year-old daughter, praying for her is a very heavy thing. One day I said to him,

"Wake up at dawn prayers", and I love them with the tail of my eyes.

I saw him take a prayer rug, then throw it to the corner of his chamber. After a while he came out. I asked him, "Have you prayed?"

He replied, "Already"

Then I pinched him for lying. I'm really mad at him, I fine him and I scare him of God's punishment, but it turns out that all my words are nothing to frighten him.

One day, a friend of mine told me a story. One time he visited the house of a close relative. When it came to prayer time, all of her children immediately rushed to perform the prayer without being ordered.

I then asked, "How do your children pray with their willingness without being asked?"

He replied, "There is one prayer, before I marry I am always a dean and to this day I still pray with that prayer in my prostration, the moment before the salutation, when the prayer of witr, and at any time the mustajab"

For Allah's sake, my brother. My son has been working since I prayed with that prayer. My son is the one who diligently wakes us up and reminds us and his sisters for prayer.

Alhamdulillah, they all always keep their prayers. To the extent that his grandmother came to our house, he was amazed to see my daughter getting up early, then waking us up for the morning prayers.

So what is the actual prayer to read? The prayer is from Surah Ibrahim verse 40:

(Rabbij'alni muqimassolati wamin zurriyati rabbana wataqobbal du'a)

"Yes Robbku, make me and my grandchildren people who continue to perform solat. Yes Robb us, allow my prayers "(Surah Ibrahim: 40)

Yes, my brothers and sisters, pray for our children. As we all know that prayer is the weapon of a believer. Send this post to the more busy people who take iktibar. May Allah bless those who are willing to share together.

Read always this prayer for your children, biidznillah they will always be in custody and protection of Allah Ta'ala.

Aamiin allaahumma aamiin.

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