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72 Years of Indonesia, This is the Exclamation of Ulama

 Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) issued a national tausiyah welcomed the Independence of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) to-72.

Chairman of MUI, KH. Ma'ruf Amin said, as the right of all nations, freedom must be seized, guarded, defended, and defended so that this country remains united and sovereign until the next. He hopes that the taushiyah of MUI nationhood can be a motivation for all components of the nation to advance Indonesia.

"Hopefully this tausiyah can be a motivation for all components of the nation in order to realize the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia into a just, prosperous nation full of forgiveness of Allah SWT," said Kyai Ma'ruf through his written statement on Wednesday (16/8).

Here tausiyah nationality MUI to welcome the day of independence to be celebrated on Thursday (17/8) tomorrow:

1. That the existence of NKRI can not be separated from the struggle of the entire Indonesian people, especially by heroes, martyrs through the efforts and prayers and sacrifices of soul and body of all national powers.

2. That agreement and testimony to form a state of darul ahdi wa syahadah all the nation of Indonesia becomes independent sovereign state based on Pancasila is binding for all components of the nation. For MUI the agreement is a religious responsibility as well as national responsibility which aims to maintain religious nobility in order to realize the welfare of all the people of Indonesia.

3. The Indonesian nation is a pluralistic nation, both tribal, racial, and cultural religions with the motto of Bhineka Tunggal Ika. MUI believes that all religious people as fellow citizens are bound by the commitment of humanity and nationality so that they must coexist with the principle of agreement to maintain harmony, tolerance and harmony of peaceful coexistence.

4. To invite the people of Indonesia, especially the organizers of the State with the aim of the confirming of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia is to protect the whole nation and the entire blood of Indonesia, promote the common prosperity, educate the nation and participate in the implementation of world order based on independence, eternal peace and social justice. The noble purpose is not fully felt by all the people of Indonesia. For that we urge the government to more seriously work and side with the small people so that the gap and injustice both in the economic field and in law enforcement can be overcome.

5. To appreciate the success of development in certain areas that must be maintained, maintained and enhanced, especially in maintaining economic and political stability. But the gini gap ratio between the rich and the poor is still a serious threat that can lead to social conflict. To that end, the MUI invites all parties together to be concerned in overcoming the gap in realizing the freedom of love both in the birth and inward.

6. At the age of 72 years of independence Indonesia still faces concern, especially in the field of moral decadence for children of the nation such as emergency drugs, violence in children and in organizing the State such a rampant corruption. For that MUI invites all components of the nation in order to improve togetherness in raising awareness together in order to build nation's character that upholds the ethical and moral values ​​of the nation either through the organizers of the State and the world of education both institutionalized education and household and society.

Source: mui.or.id

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