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Action 1000 Candles Community Jayawijaya For Deiyai

BaliNews | The tragedy of the shooting that killed one civilian in Deiyai, Papua on 1 August 2017, attracted the attention of the people, especially the people in the central mountains of Papua and Jayawijaya.

Attention is also shown by people from various countries, it is evident from the emergence of news from the international media.

Seeing the social conflict, Saturday (05/8) night, Jayawijaya district community joined in Solidaritas Masyarakat Jayawijaya for Deiyai ​​performed 1000 candles and prayer together for the victims. The activity was conducted in the yard of Jayawijaya Regency Parliament Office.

In the event, there are several series of events conducted, namely a short service led by the Chairman of PGGJ (Fellowship of Jayawijaya Churches) Mr. Yoram Yogobi.

Where in worship, more emphasis on the sense of humanity is increasingly lost, so many people in Papua will be extinct.

In addition to a brief service, there are Poetry readings, 1000 candle burning and sacrificial casket burning (as a taste, the death of the law in Indonesia).

In observation sketsindonews.com the event was attended by almost part of Jayawijaya community who care about the victims of social conflict in Papua and especially in Deiyai ​​district.

Activity Coordinator Ibu Leni Doga, said that this activity is an activity that comes from a sense of concern for Jayawijaya children for Victims of social conflict in Deiyai. There are no other elements, besides praying for the victims and families left behind.

"Personally, I would like to extend my gratitude for the support of all parties for the implementation of the joint prayer activities and the lighting of 1000 candles," he said.

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