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Anies: Malay song has an extraordinary taste and character

The music show titled Jakarta Malay Festival which will be held at Ancol Beach City on August 19, 2017 is expected to be the attraction of young people.

So said one of the originators of the annual cultural event that has been held seven years, which is also the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan elected during a press conference Jakarta Malay Festival at Resto Al Jazeerah, Johar, Central Jakarta, Friday (11/8).

Anies explained that Malay music has its own beauty. Primarily, the power of words contained in his poems.

"How the selection of words in the Malay song poem describes the taste and character of extraordinary character," said Anies

Such beauty should be enjoyed also by the younger generation and become an attraction for them, especially now the younger generation prefer music products from outside compared to authentic music archipelago.

"We hope our younger generation will be exposed again to the Malay music tradition so that it becomes an attraction for them to get to know and enjoy Malay music," explained Anies.

Anies also hopes the younger generation will not only maintain Malay music but also develop. One of them, familiar with this music genre by going directly to Jakarta Malay Festival 19 August.

"It is clear that in the future, young people not only defend but also develop Malay music to be more global, one of them is by coming to Jakarta Malay Festival," he concluded

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