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Conflict in Papua, DPRD Member Refuses to Raise Red and White in Mimika

BaliNews | In response to the conflict between the Timika Regency DPRD and the Governor of Papua, which led to the rejection of the DPRD to raise the red and white flag in celebrating the Independence Day of August 17 this year, the UN Central Executive Board insisted that they had reprimanded its members in the Timika DPRD.

"The attitude of the United Nations is firmly that the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is a fixed price and we are obliged to maintain it under any circumstances," Yusril Ihza Mahendra, Chairman of the Crescent Star Party (Yusril Ihza Mahendra), said in a press release received in Jakarta on Saturday

He added that the conflict between the Timika Regency DPRD and the Regent of Mimika and the Governor of Papua should be resolved through legitimate and constitutional means by prioritizing dialogue, without having to tamper with NKRI.

The UN DPP has also given a loud reprimand to Theo Dekne, Member of the DPRD of the United Nations Mimika, who declared refusing to fly the Indonesian flag in celebration of the August 17th Independence Proclamation this year.

Not only that, Theo also invites his constituents not to attend the ceremony of Independence Day of Indonesia 17 August.

As known UN has 6 seats from 35 members of the District House of Timika. Almost a year since December 2016, Timika DPRD was disabled by the Governor of Papua due to internal conflicts in the region.

Two weeks ago, the Timika Regent came to Jakarta to meet Yusril to find a solution to the internal conflict.

Yusril Ihza Mahendra suggested that the conflict be ended and ask the Papuan governor to reactivate the Timika DPRD. "This step is important not only to reassure the regional situation, but also in order to meet the Pilkada Serentak in 2018" he said.

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