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Ferry Reversed, 22 People Killed

A crossing ship carrying about 130 passengers was overturned in the waters of the Brazilian state of Bahia and killed at least 22 people on Thursday (24/8/2107).

The incident is the second maritime deadly accident that occurred in this week in Brazil.

Authorities said 21 people were rescued by the navy after the ferry was overturned in the early morning journey between Ilha de Itaparica and the state capital Bahia, Salvador.

"Other people managed to save themselves because the location is not far from the beach and the water is not too deep," said Flavio Almeida, a naval captain.

"We are working hard to rescue on site," he said.

The governor of Bahia declared three days of mourning in the state because of the tragedy.

In a separate incident in the northern state of Para, Tuesday (22/8/2017), the death toll was 21 and five still remain missing, according to a statement posted on the state page of Para state on Thursday.

The statement said that 23 people were rescued on Tuesday.

The vessel that sank on Tuesday did not actually have permission to transport passengers, according to a statement citing information from the State Agency for Public Service Control and Control for the State of Para.

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