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Gerindra: West Java Governor Candidate is in Prabowo's Hand

Gerindra Party has not finalized the Candidate for West Java Regional Head Election next year.

The decision is entirely in the hands of the General Chairman, Prabowo Subianto.

This was conveyed by Vice Chairman of Gerindra Party, Ferry Juliantono.

He said there is still plenty of time to focus on choosing and deciding Cagub and Cawagub that will be carried by Gerindra, given the official registration for the election of governor (PIlgub) only done in January 2018.

"For Gerindra about the candidate for governor, it is indeed his decision in the hands of Pak Prabowo Subianto as chairman of the board of coaches as well as our chairman, and the official registration by political parties for Pilgub will be done in early January.It is, it is still in process," said Ferry on Saturday (5/8).

He explained, the dynamics are quite crowded on the way to Pilgub Jabar is a common thing. The dynamics must be responded well by Gerindra because it involves the best choice for the party, its coalition and the people of West Java.

"Giving the best couples to the people of West Java, because we want to win.Insha Allah will win in Pilgub, can really make the people of West Java for the better," he said.

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