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Government Guarantee Accuracy of Population Data

Cooperation of population data between the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) with the private sector, especially banking institutions continue to be encouraged. The government also ensures the accuracy of population data which will be used for the company's interests.

As stated by Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs), Tjahjo Kumolo while cooperating with UOB Indonesia at UOB Plaza, Central Jakarta, Monday (7/8). Tjahjo asserted that this cooperation is no later than early next year has been completed all.

"Institutions that have been integrated in the government's efforts to provide data guarantee, making it easier for all parties to provide the best for the community," said Tjahjo.

Director General Dukcapil said Tjahjo continued to work hard to solve the problem of 1 million duplicate data. Tjahjo asks with the help of a banking institution to help double data so that there is no doubt from all private or government agencies related to legitimate population data.

"People may have several accounts how many banks, but the data (residence) must be one," he said.

Tjahjo explained this has been mandated in Law no. 24 of 2013 that data sourced from this ministry for public services, budget allocation, development planning, democratic development, law enforcement and crime prevention.

"So the user institutions that have cooperated with the Ministry of Home Affairs in the utilization of NIK and Ektp number 234 either private or government. With this state / government-owned database we guarantee accuracy. Given that we are synchronizing with iris recording and fingerprinting, "he said.

Related to the procurement of el ID card itself, Home Affairs Minister ensures the end of 2017 will be completed. Because it has spread 7 million blank ID and reserve 1 million in the center. According to Tjahjo, almost 96 percent of people have done a good recording.

"We hope the process of KTP el can end this year 2017," he said. Tjahjo apologized because the process was delayed 1.5 years yesterday.

"In March I ventured to sign a reprint contract of this 7 million shortfall. Hopefully it can be completed, so that elections 2018 and 2019 presidential election can run well, "he said.

To facilitate the use of ID cards, the Minister of Home Affairs said it would cooperate with this hospital related to medical records. Not only that, Kemendagri will also cooperate with 300an banks and private institutions, police and BNN.

"This is a small sample that becomes the responsibility of MoHA concerning KTP. Because this is the life of two Indonesian citizens, "he concluded.

Source: Kemendagri.go.id

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