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Hary Tanoe Supports Jokowi, Influence of Surya Paloh at the Disturbed Palace

Dating one of the largest media owners in Indonesia, Hary Tanoesoedibjo predicted to threaten the position and influence of Nasdem Party Chairman who is also the owner of the media, Surya Paloh in the inner circle of President Joko Widodo.

This was conveyed by a political observer from the Indonesian Institute of Labor, Andy William Sinaga to the editor, Friday (4/8).

DPP Secretary General of Perindo Party, Ahmad Rofiq earlier said that the general chairman Hary Tanoe is considering to support Jokowi in the 2019 presidential election. The support plan will be inaugurated at Rapimnas Perindo party later this year.

According to Andy, Hary Tanoe step is very interesting to wait for.

"It's exciting, impressed in the future there is a 'star war' between Hary Tanoe versus Surya Paloh to win sympathy and influence to President Jokowi, especially ahead of the 2019 presidential election," he added.

It is believed that Hary Tanoe will demonstrate his loyalty and commitment by driving his assets to Jokowi so that the former governor of Jakarta diverts attention from Paloh and moves on to him.

Hary Tanoe also has a party that is estimated to be able to compensate Surya Paloh with the number of twigs, DPC and DPD that has spread throughout Indonesia. In addition, the MNC Group boss also has a network with interfaith leaders and mass organizations. Then, Hary Tanoe also has a business network inside and outside the country.

"The stellar war between Hary Tanoe and Surya Paloh will be interesting to see, because with their media network, they will definitely compete to campaign for the success of President Jokowi's government," said Andy.

"The people will be able to be a wise audience to judge who among the party's chairman and media retainer can seize and tame the heart of President Joko Widodo," he said.

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