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Jaipong Dance Make a Great at Adelaide University of South Australia

Jaipong dance art from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia district echoed in Adelaide University of South Australia, Sunday (08/20/2017).

The art of dance has become the pride of the citizens of Bandung Regency, because as an inheritance and icon local area.

Information obtained, Yani Septiani and Rishawarti, both honorary teachers (non-PNS) from Bandung regency featuring jaipong dance art in front of many parties in Australia.

With an interesting body posture, both Yani and Rishawarti showcased his skill as a professional jaipong dancer with a distinctive characteristic dress from the Sundanese tribe.

Many people are fascinated and proud when both art ambassadors from Bandung district dance jaipongan dance accompanied by traditional music and other kendang.

With the appearance of these two honorary teachers, jaipong dance is known in Australia. Incidentally at that time, they are following the event of Augustusan festival in order to welcome the 72nd anniversary of Indonesian Independence.

Yani won 3rd place and Rishawarti was the 2nd winner in the Regional Dance race.

Both Yani and Rishawarti claimed, enjoyed the art of jaipong dance since sitting in elementary school. And indeed both have the talent to dance jaipong so as to bring good name Bandung regency in mancanagara.

Both honors teachers are in order to participate in the Teacher Development Professional program and the Reading Challenge program in an effort to improve the quality of education. Being in Australia is planned for 20 days and return to the Motherland next August 25, after being released by Regency. Bandung on 2 August.

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