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KPAI: Problem Full Day School President Do not Silence

The Indonesian Child Protection Commission asked President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to take a quick and precise stance on the controversy of the five-day or full day school policy.

Chairman KPAI Susanto rate, the policy of uniforming five school days contrary to the spirit of regional autonomy and education autonomy for schools.

According to him, each region has its own diversity and uniqueness, since the issuance of the Law on National Education System, the diversity and uniqueness of each region began to be marginalized. Whereas schools in various regions of Indonesia have full autonomy to manage the education system in accordance with the peculiarities of their respective areas, more especially on the needs of child development.

"In principle the provision of how many hours a day at school and how many school days is a technical matter that becomes the school domain and the authority of Pemprov and Regency / City as stated in Law No. 23/2014 on Regional Autonomy," Susanto said during a press conference at his office, Menteng, Jakarta, Tuesday (15/8).

Furthermore, Susanto considers the policy of uniforming five school days or 40 hours per week potentially violating Child Protection Law. Therefore, allowing children to stay longer in school reduces the right of a parent or guardian to have a fair time meeting with his or her own child or even the time of child interaction outside of study time with peers.

In fact, states, governments and local governments ensure the protection, care and welfare of children by taking into account the rights and obligations of parents, guardians or other persons legally responsible for children. As the provisions of Article 23 paragraph 1 of Law 35/2014 on Child Protection.

The government should concentrate to meet the eight national standards of education so that equity of facilities, facilities and infrastructure, qualified and child-friendly educators can be fulfilled.

"Child-friendly educators are a prerequisite for schooling to be a safe and comfortable place for all children.The President needs to take quick and precise steps over the controversy of the five-day school policy, which is solely for the best interests of the child and to safeguard the negative effects of protracted- Dissolution of the policy controversy, "concluded Susanto.

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