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Mahfud MD warned science and religion is a package

Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD warned science and religion is a package so should not be separated.

It was delivered in the Grand Opening of Islamic Religion (GO AAI) at the Auditorium Building of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Solo.

Mahfud reminded the importance of studying Islam in universities. Currently there is often a dichotomy between science and religion.

"There is a separate perception of science and religion, the matter of science is a worldly affair while the religion of affairs akherat. Though science and religion is a package, can not be separated, "he said in UNS, Friday (18/08/2017).

According to Mahfud, the role of knowledge in Islam is very important. Without knowledge, a man who claims to be a believer will not be perfect even incorrect in his faith. A Muslim must have knowledge to know various knowledge about Islam whether it concerns akidah, adab, worship, morality, muamalah, and so on.

Mahfud reminds students always to be humble even after becoming a scientist.

"A scientist, the more intellectual will become more humble. Humble is different from low self-esteem, "he said.

The program held by the AAI UNS Bureau is a sign of the start of the Islamic Religion Assistance program for new students. Mahfud describes a humble attitude characterized by a manner that is always polite, does not speak things that offend other people, or do not feel higher than others. "When asked can answer and provide solutions with confidence," explained Professor at the Faculty of Law of Islamic University of Indonesia (FH UII) Jogja.

At the beginning of this academic year, GO AAI will be held two days, Friday-Saturday (18-19 / 8). The event was followed by approximately 6,900 new UNS students. On the second day will be held ESQ training by presenting ESQ trainer, Bramanto Wibisono. The theme is Together AAI, Achieved Achievement, Becoming Insan Scholar Noble.

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