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Menag Appreciation Forum of Three Countries Cooperation to Build Halal Products

Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin opened the official Working Group of Halal Product Services (WG-HAPAS) at the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Cooperation Forum (IMT-GT) in Jakarta on Monday (14/08).

Menag conveyed that the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) The three member countries' forum represented by each delegation is a strategic moment to build alliances between 3 countries in order to strengthen cooperation in the development of halal products service in ASEAN region as well as to be a bridge of cooperation A mutually beneficial economy.

"I appreciate the activities of this event, as we know, the guarantee of halal products becomes a necessity for today's global society. Halal not only belongs to Muslim society, but has become the need of many layers of the world community, "said Menag.

Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle, said Menag, is a cooperation forum that aims to create economic growth of member countries, in order to occur equity and increase the welfare of the community.

"IMT-GT comes as a classic triangle of growth, characterized by complementary economic, geographic proximity and historical, cultural and linguistic relationships," he said.

It said Menag, IMT-GT area has great potential in various fields so that the serious management of the three member countries will become a magnet of promising economic growth.

Head of Sukak Product Guarantee Organizer Board (BPJPH) Sukoso in the same opportunity to convey, through this forum is expected to follow up the cooperation of the three countries because there are some things needed synchronization between these three countries related to the implementation of Jaminna halal products.

Editor: Umi Khalsum
Source: Kemenag.go.id

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